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As the "best dentist Okc" you should expect a lot. you will be happy to find that a wide range of services are offered from basic cleanings and fillings to root canals and dentures Top Dentist has you covered

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Dentists currently have openings and can get you in fast. Even when the schedule is tightly booked they will work hard to get you in whenever your experiencing discomfort.

Another reason OKC Top Dentist doctors are called the best dentist in Oklahoma City.  

Recent Review

Another great review to help show why Top Dentist ranks as the Best Okc dentist

Randy Roush in Edmond Oklahoma: "Dr Gibson took me in on short notice and the awful pain my tooth had me in was alleviated the same day. It would not suprise me if he is perhaps the best dentist in Oklahoma City " 

Free Whitening Gel!

A sweet deal from the best dentist in Okc.

Night guards help protect your teeth from night time grinding. many times these can be billed to insurance. As an added bonus Okc Top Dentist offers free whitening gel with all night guards. Stop grinding while making your teeth more white.  

The Big News

 We know our dentists are the best in Okc and it would be selfish not to share. The dentists that represent Top Dentist are modern and up to date.  Add in the best Oklahoma City dentists offering a wide array of services and it is an experience to be remembered.  

Questions Answered

You have questions the offices of OKC Top Dentist have answers. The friendly staff at the member locations are glad to provide the information you need. Please visit the OKC Top Rated Dentist home page to get dentist contact information.

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OKC Top Dentist appreciates the confidence and trust that you place in us, we look forward to meeting you both personally and professionally.

Our care philosophy shows in everything we do. 

  • We are truly care about our patients and want you to be very comfortable with our entire staff.
  • We recognize individualized  patient care and the goal of helping you retain your teeth comfortably, looking your best for a lifetime.
  • We work hard to to be thorough in all we do, taking the time to be the best Oklahoma city dentist we can be.
  • We highly regard esthetics, helping you look your best, with optimum comfort, function and health.

We will take the time to get to know one another and talk about your dental needs. We perform comprehensive dental evaluations and get information to make a  custom plan for you.