training for excellent implants and perfect dentures


Continuing Education

 Having attended  and graduated from OU College of Dentistry Dr. Keith E. Gibson DDS has an attitude that craves knowledge. He's highly trained in over eight areas of expertise and continues to attend ongoing education courses. Among the highly regarded experts he has trained under include the  director of Spear Education. Frank M. Spear DDS, MSD and  Dr. Gibson also trained under the founder of  Misch. International Implant Institute  Carl E. Misch DDS, MDS, PhD. Dr. Gibson also follows and implements the latest technology to better serve his patients. By always learning more, using the latest tools, and expecting a very high standard of himself as well his staff means patients receive the best dental care available in Oklahoma City.  

Cosmetic Training

As his training relates to full mouth reconstruction Dr. Gibson has trained under the founder and director of Spear Education. Frank M. Spear DDS, MSD  Dr. Spear has been recognized by multiple associations for contributions made to dentistry.  He's a member of many dental organizations including the American  Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, American Academy of Restorative  Dentistry, as well as the American College of Prosthodontics. having been trained by the world  premier educator in aesthetic and restorative dentistry gives Dr. Gibson has a background few can claim. Prosthodontics is the  branch of dentistry relative the design, manufacture, and fit of artificial teeth replacement and other parts of the mouth.

Implant Training

 Dr. Gibson DDS  completed a one year training course in implant education training directly under Dr. Carl E. Misch DDS, MDS, PhD   who is the world famous founder of  Misch International Implant  Institute. This priceless training under such a highly regarded and expert in implants and dentures allows Dr. Gibson DDS of Oklahoma City to continue perfecting his  denture technique in the areas of Periodontology and oral Implantology. A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture.  

A Perfect Formula

Combining all of his education and ongoing training has allowed Dr. Gibson DDS to perfect a one of a kind method of attaching hand crafted dentures to implants that allow optimum bite and fit. Patients who choose under denture implants have the flexibility of having the implant procedure done in affordable stages. Dentures that are hand crafted by Dr. Gibson DDS are the pinnacle of aesthetic perfection and when matched with his implant technique are far superior to others methods. Improving his dental skills every step of the way has always been the primary goal because he understands that it translates into fulfilling relationships with his patients. He genuinely cares about your oral health.  Dr. Gibson DDS continues to improve through his education and training based on his belief that you deserve great teeth that are comfortable and stay firmly in place.