Top Rated General Dentistry In Oklahoma City


Routine Cleanings and Exams

Dr. Gibson will discuss the proper diet for healthy teeth and how to have excellent home care. Dr Gibson treats any signs of gum disease and helps keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. Dr. Gibson also provides restorations should he discover a  cavity, chipped tooth, or tooth that  needs attention otherwise. 


 Fillings are a way Dr. Gibson gently restores a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When Dr Gibson gives you a filling, he first removes the decayed material within a tooth, makes sure the affected area is clean, and then uses a filling material to fill the cavity. Dr. Gibson takes great care to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process.  

Root Canal

 A treatment Dr. Gibson uses to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected is called a root canal. During the procedure for root canal, the nerve and pulp are extracted and the inside of a tooth is cleaned and sealed. Unless treated the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form. Dr. Gibson is highly acclaimed for his highly skilled and gentle approach to root canals. He really does go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable during the entire process.

Dental Implants

Dr. Gibson does not only consider Dental Implants as cosmetic dentistry as sometimes they are a necessary part of general dentistry. Dr. Gibson trained under Dr. Carl E. Misch DDS,MDS,PhD at the  Misch International Implant Institute  and worked closely with Harvard-trained Reconstructive ENT Dr. Jose  Sanclement of OU Physicians for over a decade on these surgeries to promote bone growth while preparing for the placement of implants. Implants provide a solution that involves replacement of the root. Dr. Gibson performs procedures and implants that can stop bone deterioration. Read more on the Dental Implant Page

Dentures-Hand crafted by Dr. Gibson in Oklahoma City

 Dr. Gibson’s top rated Oklahoma City denture work is due to his personal hand-crafting of dentures for over twenty years, his superior quality and attention to detail is an additional measure that few colleagues perform themselves. Dr. Gibsons custom-made replacements for missing teeth and can be taken out of your mouth and put back in. While all dentures take some getting used to, Dentures crafted by Dr. Gibson are natural looking and more comfortable. Replacing teeth that are missing helps improve your smile and appearance. Support from the denture is important so that facial muscles do not sag, which makes a person look older. Dentures by Dr. Gibson help you eat and speak with more comfort. 

Dental Services performed by top rated OKC dentist Dr. Keith E. Gibson

 Some of the services listed here are described in more detail above. Its is worth mentioning all these services again in addition to other areas of expertise. The fact that Dr. Gibson has been awarded the Top Rated Dentist in Oklahoma City for the last two years shows in his work and we are certain that you will be impressed by his high level of skilled cosmetic and general dentistry in Oklahoma City. We are proud of the professionalism that Dr. Gibson brings our community. 

Cleanings & Oral Exams, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and catch early signs of dental disease

Crowns & Bridgework, to replace lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth

Dental Implants, for replacement teeth that last forever

Extractions, to remove unhealthy teeth that cannot be saved

Fillings, to restore decayed teeth

Oral Cancer Screenings, to detect a dangerous disease that can be cured if caught early

Orthodontics, to give you the straight teeth you've always wanted

Removable Dentures, to help you smile again

Root Canal Treatment, to rescue diseased teeth

Sealants, to help prevent cavities

TMD Treatment, for pain in the jaw area that can interfere with biting and chewing

Tooth Decay Prevention, so you keep your natural teeth as long as possible