Premium Technique For Dentures By Dentist Dr. Keith E. Gibson DDS


Dr.Gibson DDS trained at Misch International Implant Institute

 Dr. Gibson DDS  completed a one year continuum for implant education training directly under Dr. Carl E. Misch DDS, MDS, PhD  the world famous founder of  the Misch International Implant Institute. This invaluable ongoing training under such a highly regarded implant and denture expert has allowed Dr. Gibson DDS to perfect his denture technique in areas such as 

*Understanding medical and medication related issues that lead to dental implant complications.  


*Learning and understanding the prevention, etiology, and management of nerve related issues.

*Learning the etiology, prevention, and management of maxillary sinus related complications. 

*Learning the treatment planning and surgical protocol for the immediate placement of dental implants.  

*Understanding the prevention of complications arising from removable implant prostheses. 

 Dr. Gibson DDS has built on this education and has further perfected it with his own special techniques.

Dr. Gibson DDS Premium Denture Technique

Dr. Gibson has developed a time tested premium denture technique. This technique has been perfected over the last 30 years by Dr Gibson DDS. Dr Gibson DDS handcrafts teeth to give optimal fit and bite. The time tested formula combines his expert hand craftsmanship of dentures with an under denture implant that makes for a much more stable denture. Along with holding the denture still, this technique allows for a much more affordable option than a full prosthetic implant. Holding the denture still is a difficult task, especially as it pertains to the lower jaw. Dr. Gibson DDS has made it possible to address this issue in an affordable way while also providing an aesthetically pleasing denture.   


Dentures By Dr. Gibson-offers the advantage of both removable and implant services at a lower cost.


Not everyone can afford to completely replace missing teeth with dental implants, or maybe not right away. The solution Dr. Gibson DDS has perfected by placing dentures over implants offers a permanent solution but can also be expanded upon at a later time. The blending of both a removable and fixed component gives you an affordable option today that can be further enhanced at a later time when a persons finances allow for it.

This combination restoration offers the superior aesthetics of removable prostheses that do not shift which is also very helpful when much of the jaw bone has been lost and can't  be replaced by implants alone. Stability and reliability that does not decay.  Restorations that blend both implants and dentures while saving patients money.


Keeping Your Options Open

 Using The technique Dr. Gibson DDS has developed is a fantastic way to start using dentures that hold still. At a later time some will choose to switch to full implants. Most patients are good candidates to make the change from dentures using partial implants to full dental implants. Using the services provided by Dr. Gibson the transition is more affordable since it is done in phases. Dr. Gibson DDS is helping patients with both solutions as well as transitioning from one to the other. Part of the process will already be completed, so your not bound to dentures for the rest of your life, and at a later time could choose full dental  implants that build upon Dr. Gibsons' time tested formula for dentures in Oklahoma City.