Preventitive Care And Teeth Whitening In Oklahoma City


We are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy smile

 OKC Top Dentist has  a reputation for helping you take care of your oral health so that you can avoid problems that can occur down the road. Preventive teeth care in Oklahoma City as well as teeth whitening in Oklahoma City is the key to maintaining a bright healthy smile.

Free whitening gel with your new Night Guard

Members are crafting professional custom Night Guards designed to protect teeth from grinding. As a bonus patients receive free teeth whitening gel which can be used with the Night Guard.

Wow! Look what patients are saying

 Alicia Denman: I was so impressed with the services I received by this dentist office. The staff is caring and took time with me cuz I had was a little anxious about going to the dentist the dentist did a fantastic job and I would recommend anyone going if ever you need a Dentist this is the one. 

Jason Haynes:  I've not met a more genuine dental group. That fact matched with incredible talent blows me away. From a simple filling to bridges,root canals, cosmetic implants, dentures OKC Top Dentist is here to treat or you in an affordable relaxed setting. 

Preventive Dentistry

 Caring for your teeth keeps them healthy.  Preventive care helps to avoid cavities, enamel wear, gum disease, and more. Daily brushing and cleanings are some of the ways to protect your smile.  Diagnostics such as an Oral Exam, Cleanings and X-Rays are also ways in which Dr. Gibson protects your oral health. Fillings and aesthetics is another form of preventive and restorative care OKC Top Dentists use.  

Teeth Whitening

 In Oklahoma City OK, you can benefit from a teeth whitening.  A procedure at a local OKC Top[ Dentist member dental office. Teeth whitening which is known for improving the appearance of patients smile is popular at OKC Top Dentist. Cosmetic dental experts have many ways of improving the overall appearance of your teeth. Further enhance your smile after cleaning your teeth. OKC Top Dentist can perform this procedure in time for special events or as part of a regular oral health routine.