Informative Up Close And Personal With Dentist Dr. Keith E. Gibson DDS


Where did you grow up

Right here in Oklahoma City

What do you do in your free time

Assisting Meals On Wheels through St. Luke's is one of my pleasures. I'm also continually educating myself about dentistry and ways to improve my overall business. 

How long have you been a dentist

I've been a dentist in Oklahoma City for 34 years. 

Were you excited when you were awarded the Top Rated Oklahoma City Dentist Award

Yes, It was one of the best days of my life to be awarded Top Rated Dentist in Oklahoma City . It really means a lot to me and any time an honor such as Top Dentist is presented to someone you can only expect them to be elated.

This place looks fantastic.We have heard you also got some kind of award for this building

We did get an award for this remodeled structure. It has always been a fine building with historical importance so we did our best to preserve the nostalgia. Now it has a modern appeal with a touch of history that helped us earn that award.

What would you say are the best dental advancements of the last decade or two.

The newest digital x-ray technology is very helpful and illustrates how far we have come. 3D CT scan is another thing that would have been hard to imagine twenty years ago.  


How can people improve the whiteness of their teeth

Regular cleanings is important of course. Another thing that is interesting when you think about it is the PH levels of your sports drinks and soda. The lower your PH level is the worse it is for teeth since that means it will break down enamel at a faster rate which while also causing stains, leads to cavities. Many of those drinks have PH levels lower than 5.5 which is the tipping point when the acidity level begins to break down enamel.

What would be your advice to a younger dentist

Even after graduation it is important to keep educating yourself. Seek out the latest advancements. Dentistry is a great example of how learning something new is an ongoing process. Just like the old saying "You learn something new everyday" having an attitude that craves knowledge is essential to what we do.

Your greatest accomplishment

That's a tough one, I guess I'd lean toward my premium denture technique developed over the last 30 years which allows optimal fit especially as it pertains to the more difficult lower jaw. I'm  hand crafting these to give optimal bite and fit. It has become a time tested formula.  

Thank You Dr. Gibson it has been a pleasure and we can see why so many people love coming to see you

Thank You. My pleasure as well, at the end of the day it's about improving peoples health. Oral health is integral to a persons overall physiology. Our teeth are such an important part of our body and deserve to be taken good care of.