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Achieving the Top Rated Oklahoma City Dentist is a real honor.

OKC Top Dentist doctors have been awarded the OKC Top Rated Dentist in Oklahoma City by NW OKC Now. This accolade is based on criteria that relates to each chosen experts category. The main considerations are reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. Members have achieved the Top Rated Oklahoma City Dentist by getting high marks for all of the considerations mentioned above as well as his hard work and dedication to providing affordable, expert dental care within his community. The skill level reached after years of experience allows dentists to go above and beyond what you will normally experience. The caring approach when treating patients allows you to get the care you need today! No withholding treatment or medication out of fear a patient will not return at a later date to complete dental work. For those in pain the focus is solving the issue quickly.  OKC Top Dentist members are constantly improving and continuing education as well as looking at the latest technological advances. The patients that visit the Top Dentist offices range from our fine, hard working blue collar work force, to some of Oklahoma Cities most prominent citizens.  


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Award Winner

Winning the Top Rated dentist OKC award is the  equivalent of being the best dentist in Oklahoma City. This accolade presented by NW OKC Now  as part of its annual Top Rated Awardβ„’ program. Since 2016, the Top  Rated Awardβ„’ has been recognized as a premier industry award program for  local businesses.  

 Dr. Keith E. Gibson. Dr. Gibson DDS has won the Top Rated Oklahoma City Dentist Award for the second year in a row. He has once again earned  this award thanks in part to his premium denture technique that is  saving his patients money. The fact that Dr. Gibson is experienced and  expertly performs over 8 areas of expertise including  cosmetic,filling,root canal,whitening,oral hygiene, and implant also  contributed to his receiving this esteemed accolade. Dr. Gibson DDS- The  proud winner of the 2018-2019 Top Oklahoma City Dentist Award. 

Post By Member-Keith E. Gibson DDS- OKC Top Rated Dentist in

  πŸ¦·  I'm proud of  Dental Services Group: Gibson Keith DDS.  My team is super friendly and always make you feel welcome. Doing excellent work and explaining the process as well as where patients are at with their own dental health is the a fulfilling career for me.